Varying thoughts
by beachtrojan (2017-07-10 13:44:03)
Edited on 2017-07-10 13:45:11
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  In reply to: This should end well.  posted by TAR

First off, from a football perspective, I'm not sure Todd's been given a fair assessment. He seems to make the "all time NFL busts list" but the the truth is, he was never that good and the Raiders had no business drafting him the 1st round. There was a lot of hype because of the way he was raised but his numbers in college didn't indicate that he was going to be a great pro QB. 61% completion, 5,000 yards, 29TD/25INT to go with -153 yards rushing over 2 years. That's fairly pedestrian.

As someone who is a "friend of Bill," he should not be making any big moves until he's been sober at least 2 years. But I suppose he needs to continue down his path until he's finally ready to do sobriety 100%. For the real deal alcoholic/addict, it can't be done half-ass.


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