Yet another Top 10 list ..
by TWO (2017-07-10 10:59:23)
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You know the off season brings out the Top 10 Stadium, Top 10 Gamedays, Top 10 Cheerleader Squads, Top 10 College Towns, Top 10 Tailgating, Top 10 helmets, Top 10 Uniforms, Top 10 Fight Songs, etc ad nauseum.

Now somebody has come up with a top 10 places to play football and get a great education. OK so you would figure that it would be a combination of schools with great football and good academics. So you would have to figure the list would include Stanford, right? They are a top 5 Academic institution and in the last 10 years they have been an excellent football program. But nope, they aren't in the top 10.

Ohio State is #1, OK I sort of get that, they have had the 2nd best football program in the last 10 years, only Alabama can say they have been better and I'm sure Ohio State is a fine institution and given their success on the field I can see them in the top 10. But no disrespect to TCU how do they come up at #2 and Baylor at #7, I struggle with Duke at #3 again a great top 10 University and recently they have done pretty well on the field. But this is about football and not basketball.

They explain their methodology in a separate article giving high value to academic ranking, they don't use USNWR but another ranking, that again has Stanford #5 so how does that not get them into their top 10.

I think I have more respect for the Top 10 tailgating rankings.

Any way it's a weird list.

1. Ohio State
2. TCU
3. Duke
4. Notre Dame
5. Alabama
6. Wisconsin
7. Baylor
8. Clemson
9. Georgia Tech
10. USC


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