This is the way it should be
by BeachTrojan (2017-06-14 11:41:17)
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  In reply to: In 1971, USC played Alabama, Oklahoma, and ND  posted by ShermanOaksND

going forward. I'd rather see USC lose to Alabama than crush . . . Arkansas State.

Georgia should be playing Texas instead of Samford
Arizona State should be playing Florida instead of New Mexico State
Ohio State should be playing Louisville instead of UNLV
Washington should be playing Virginia Tech instead of Montana

All of these games would get massive viewership and generate a ton of excitement. They'd also provide a more accurate platform with which to determine which teams are truly the best at the end of the year. Some of the schedules I've seen this year should disqualify teams from the playoffs. There are enough patsies in each conference for the best teams to beat up on. They don't need to add Samford and Chattanooga.


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