I've resigned myself to the fact
by LeLuni (2017-06-13 16:43:18)
Edited on 2017-06-13 16:44:31
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That we will never pay top dollar for an elite coach.

Even if they would, it has also been proven, time and time again, that our administration has no idea how to conduct an actual executive search for a coach. Therefore, I truly believe that catching lightening in a bottle will be our only avenue to future success. That is, unless there is a monumental shakeup in leadership at ND (and we all know there won't be).

When Minnesota beats either OSU or Michigan, and they will (though I'm not sure what the rolling Big10 schedule looks like), Notre Dame won't even be in the conversation for Fleck. It will be Meyer 2.0.

Apologies for the hand-wringing.


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