The day Sandusky resigned when he was guaranteed
by btd (2017-04-06 13:56:18)
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  In reply to: Wow. Probably the best summation of the situation  posted by SWPaDem

to be the next head coach of PSU everyone knew something was wrong -- but we didn't know what. It just was impossible at the time to believe he would wake up and instantly decide to resign given facts on the ground at the time.

This two page letter is by far the best ever written on this subject. The 600k salary and a good chunk of the 6 million must have some method of being partially clawed back for being convicted of a felony. They need to begin that process immediately.

I would not allow my daughter to apply to PSU because of this. Until they very overtly admit Joe Paterno needs to rot in hell for what he did and as suggested in the letter the current admin resigns that school ranks lower than whale shit in my world.


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