And now forces Kizer to come up with hard evidence it
by btd (2017-04-06 13:36:15)
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  In reply to: no, but he did make interviews more difficult  posted by irishrock

is a false claim by Kelly. Many teams won't even bother trying to do the work to determine if Kelly is right or wrong, they simply will cross Kizer off their list and take the next available guy or see if they can get Kizer in the following round at half price --- so half risk if the report from Kelly is true.

Extremely damaging for the head coach to say there are hidden maturity and off field issues. That's a massive red flag for any first round QB where 10's of millions are at risk. It is the #1 factor in why Jimmy C went 2nd round - and Carolina only risked $2 million instead of a team risking 20 million in the first round.


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