It is a valid statement.
by MistakenD (2017-04-05 13:11:07)
Edited on 2017-04-05 13:13:00
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  In reply to: How did he cost him millions?  posted by Wishbone25

If Kizer were to fall from 2nd to 13th (~$14 million) or from 13th to out of the first round (~6 million). The only way it doesn't cost "millions" is if Kizer was already deemed a late 2nd round pick and this drops him to a 4th round pick. For reference, the site jt just linked had all three scenarios projected (#2 49ers, #12 Cardinals, and mid-round pick).

Kizer's first deal will be negotiated against a negative perception given life and perpetuated by his former head coach. Let that sink in. Just waft that statement to your nose.

OT: I still think Kelly wants to be fired, and his Kizer comments are self-serving in that regard.


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