That is a relevant fact that is largely disregarded
by Pat85 (2017-04-02 15:53:28)

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but frankly is doesn't provide the church any cover given their actions well after "the cure" was debunked, and most certainly does nothing for Joe Pa. In both cases people in power knew they were looking the other way and tolerating the must horrific behavior imaginable, perpetrated on children, and then went to efforts to either cover up their actions/inactions, and/or defend their actions/inactions with OJ dream team level lawyering and spinning. I want my church, as well as devout Catholics like Joe Pa to come clean and admit guilt, beg forgiveness and throw themselves at the mercy of the legal and public opinion courts. My parish has lawyered up and declared bankruptcy to limit their exposure, and in turn payouts to victims. Shame. Penn State is spinning a tale that any reasonable person would have found absurd: one of the most brilliant and powerful men to ever coach college sports was oblivious to his closest coworker's behavior for 3 decades, and completely out of the loop on the multiple levels of PSU hierarchy who knew about Sandusky and covered for him. Thankfully Freeh got to the facts - unfortunately we now live in a world where facts are subject to whichever flavor of koolaid you choose to drink.