Textbook cautionary case study for any institution
by Pat85 (2017-03-31 16:47:54)

In reply to: Things like this beg the question...  posted by GolfJunkie17

PSU and the Catholic Church are the worst possible examples of what can happen when protecting the brand trumps doing what should be so obviously the right/just thing, so much so that it becomes standard operating procedure within the culture of the organization. I still cringe when reading the Freeh Report, and it is mind boggling that PSU culture has already tossed those facts and the victims in the trash, and fully restored the delusional Paterno legacy. Talk about alternate facts.

I remain upset that ND allowed Brian Kelly to be the lone public voice in response to the NCAA findings on our recent academic scandal, and I am still not satisfied that ND has done all it can/should post-Sullivan and post-Seeberg tragedies to make Notre Dame as safe as possible for its students. I wanted to hear Father Jenkins express his strong embarrassment and disappointment with the athletic department, football staff and student-athletes, and declare that there would be changes implemented to ensure that our student-athletes have everything they need to succeed while remaining steadfast about academic integrity. Instead, the headlines were that Brian Kelly has zero accountability, every program does this stuff, and we are going to fight to reverse the NCAA penalties.

I know it is absurd to compare the ND academic issues to PSU, but even on something of that nature, it is critical to not let protecting/defending the brand take priority over doing what is right.