I was reading about that this morning.
by potatohouse (2017-03-31 09:16:39)
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  In reply to: Apropos of the Penn State thread below  posted by WilfordBrimley

I swear, PSU (and I don't meant to demean each and every alumni or lump them all together -- I only use the label for simplicity) is like the kid who gets in trouble and just CANNOT. KEEP. HIS. TRAP. SHUT.

This scandal blew up over FIVE years ago. And while it was never going to go away quickly, like clockwork, every few months some former player, board member, prominent alumni, or Paterno kin opens their tone-deaf mouth and restarts the clock on all over again. Just shut the fuck up, at least PRETEND you have compassion to understand and acknowledge who the real (and only) victims were in this saga, and let it go.

This whole thing has been a case study in how to breed resentment and destroy your own cause.


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