It's about time, too.
by ndzippy (2017-03-30 12:38:46)
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  In reply to: meh, everybody is selling beer at college games these  posted by TWO

Every other aspect of the "honorable" amateur athletics model has fallen by the wayside; why are adults still not allowed to buy a beer at a Notre Dame football game? It's especially galling now that the average fan is asked to shell out $100+ per ticket and $80+ per parking pass.

Before anybody readies a defense for this, consider that ND is about to turn this into a class/status issue with the new premium seating arrangements tied to Crossroads. Big donors and rich can buy beer inside the stadium. You "regular" fans? Not a chance...we're talking about collegiate sports here!

This is already happening at ND basketball and hockey games, and that bothers me. If we were all forced to live by the same antiquated rules, that's one thing. Refusing to sell me beer because I'm not a valuable enough "prospect" is a whole different story.


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