Wow. Probably the best summation of the situation
by SWPaDem (2017-03-25 08:16:43)
Edited on 2017-03-25 11:07:39
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  In reply to: Louis Freeh's 2-page statement will leave a mark -- (link)  posted by VaDblDmr

that could ever be written. In addition to the sordidness most of us already knew, Freeh's jab that Spanier received a $6 million 'golden parachute' upon his dismissal along with currently receiving a $600,000 annual salary is something I did not know and find particularly galling - if only from a chutzpah standpoint - given that I'm a taxpayer to the state of Pennsylvania. And his swipe at Franco Harris without directly saying his name is well-deserved too.

I've said this a few times over the years since the story broke big back in 2011, i.e., rumors of Sandusky being a pervert were swirling around at least as far back as the early 2000s - and I'm certainly no Penn State insider nor do I live anywhere near Happy Valley. That all the pretenders in high and low places there continued to parrot the lie that no one really knew - especially JoePa himself - are pretty much shattered today.

No less than 106,572 fans filling that stadium every game day, and not a one of them knew anything - until today. And half of them still probably don't get it yet.


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