Lou's response to Woody about OJ's 80 yd run in the Rose Bow
by olson (2017-03-21 22:56:08)
Edited on 2017-04-01 16:26:17
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  In reply to: geez lou - first Michigan - now ohio state?  posted by cujaysfan

Lou Holtz was Ohio State's DB coach in 1968

Early in the Rose Bowl Ohio St vs USC, OJ Simpson takes off on an 80 yd td run(see link below)

After the run an angry Woody seeks out his DB coach Holtz on the sidelines (who's DBs OJ had just ran through for the score).
Finding Holtz, Woody screams at him 'Coach, why did that back just go 80 yds?'

Per legend Holtz answered "Because that's all he needed coach."

...I will add that this was the last game Lou Holtz ever coached at Ohio State :)


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