Some other reasons
by SixShutouts66 (2017-03-20 20:22:50)
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  In reply to: Early enrollees count towards last year's class.  posted by rockmcd

1. Some of the signees don't meet NCAA qualification standards and never enter the school.

2. Higher end football schools may lose 3-4 players after junior year to the NFL

3. Academic casualties (for some reason players not performing well on the football field predominate here)

4. Domestic violence and sexual predators (see note above). Note does not apply to Baylor and perhaps USC

5, As noted below, practice squad members with little hope of playing when the game is on the line, since until recently most schools did not guarantee 4 years.

6. Injuries (again more prevalent with members listed above).

Bottom line is that their 85 players on scholarship have fewer mistakes. We carry some players that we judged their potential incorrectly or they never developed.

Personally I don't want to go the SEC route.


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