I knew that.
by Domer84 (2017-03-20 17:51:02)
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  In reply to: Early enrollees count towards last year's class.  posted by rockmcd

Under your scenario, the previous class had to have significantly fewer recruits. They never seem to have less than 25 recruits per year at any of the schools. We seem to be the only school that ever gets less than 25 kids.

At some point, you can't keep back counting this year's recruits as last year's unless you are also kicking a bunch of kids off the team from the previous recruiting class.So if you had 25 kids last year and you have 30 signed this year but can enroll five in January, how do you make space for those five unless you kick five existing kids off the team? Do they do all of this through gray shirting?

I can't imagine that it will ever be possible for Notre Dame to get back into the national picture if we bring in 4 to 6 fewer scholarship athletes each year than all of the other power teams.One of the reasons that Alabama is so good is that they can stockpile talent. This was the recipe for success for Tom Osborne at Nebraska where good high school football players would forgo scholarships at other schools and just enroll at Nebraska with the hopes that they could walk on the team and get a scholarship. Of course, that was also a way Rockne built his power houses.When you have six kids vying for every position, the competition makes for an excellent product on the field.


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