Millenial here, alum from 2005.
by ND Stitch (2017-03-16 10:51:33)
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  In reply to: Disappearing season ticket holders?  posted by Walsh69

Haven't been to a game on campus since 2010. I did go to the loss to Navy in Jacksonville a few months ago. All of my family was in town for my son's baptism.

Asked my dad not to buy me a shirt from the alumni group he hangs with this year. He would usually buy me The Shirt each year and I would often ask for a sweatshirt or windbreaker every other year for Christmas. I already wasn't spending much on the team, but I've asked family not to purchase any ND merchandise for the foreseeable future. At least not for me.

As for going back to South Bend? Maybe when my son is old enough, in say 12-13 years. Probably not any time soon, though. I just don't see the benefit. Especially when I have doubts about being able to afford tuition for him at ND in 17 years.


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