minimally, Harbaugh is a hypocrite
by brnd (2017-03-15 12:36:50)
Edited on 2017-03-15 15:56:07
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  In reply to: Wolverine Tidbit  posted by ODDMAN

Michigan is a very good school, but the desire to win big in football resulted in a developing an eligibility major so that UM could recruit athletes down to the minimum academic standards stipulated by the NCAA.

Sport Magazine (long defunct) had a hilarious article in 1987 by a writer who took a 400 level class at Michigan called Sports Management and Marketing. The class was almost entirely comprised of UM jocks, such as Jumbo Elliott. No papers, no tests, no homework. Just listen to various lecturers, such as the athletic director, and take 4 quizzes. Sample questions included:
1. Athletic administrators should be primarily concerned with 2 groups. Name them. Answer: players and coaches
2. At Michigan Stadium, a spectator can be readmitted with a visible hand stamp. True or False? Answer: False
Again, this was a 400-level course.

While coaching at Stanford, Harbaugh criticized Michigan for pushing jocks into an eligibility major (see the attached article). Other "Michigan Men" like Jamie Morris ripped Harbaugh for telling the dirty secrets of the program.

Flash forward to Harbaugh taking the Michigan job and suddenly he found the value in having such an eligibility major. Hypocrite.

The hatred of Michigan fans towards ND is partially around ND maintaining much higher standards for players (many ND players are in the #1 undergrad business school in the country, while many UM players are in remedial classes).


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