"we didn’t have any competition going one-on-one"
by SEE (2017-03-14 23:15:08)
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  In reply to: Chase Hounshell on the difference between OSU and ND  posted by mikeybates

"I think their plan was to work you as hard as they could at all times. That was the huge difference in the programs.

The workouts under Ohio State’s Mickey Marotti were intense and competition-based. You worked hard at all times of the day at Ohio State,” said Hounshell. “There was always a competition going on and eyes watching you. You’re always just in competition. There is always a winner and always a loser at Ohio State. It made a lot of kids compete.”

“At Notre Dame, we didn’t have any competition going one-on-one with someone,” stated Hounshell. “At Ohio State, you would walk into the weight room and on the board was who you were going up against for the day. There was a winner and a loser. The loser has to do some type of punishment. You are grinding out every day in the weight room trying to do better than the guy they put you against so you don’t have to do the punishment. That made guys go pretty crazy.”


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