Count me as Gen-Xer who is done.
by cmhirish (2017-03-14 13:26:45)
Edited on 2017-03-14 16:26:45
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  In reply to: Disappearing season ticket holders?  posted by Walsh69

I have purchased at least one game ticket every year since 1990, and have participated a 3-way split of a pair of season tickets since 1998.
On occasion, Mrs. cmh and I have purchased additional tickets for the in-laws and nieces. No more. Once one lets go of nostalgia, there’s nothing left.

I spoke with a few people I thought might be interested in replacing me in our group's season ticket partnership. In short, the current state of the program outweighs their interest in the investment.

Players acting like thugs, on and off the field.
6 arrests.
4 wins.
21 vacated wins.
It all speaks to the lack of vision, control, leadership, and accountability in almost every appreciable area.
The program is an embarrassment on and off the field, and that statement cannot be limited to the past season.

The relationship with Vivid Seats smacks of hypocrisy.
The game experience is shit - constant TV timeouts, people arguing about sitting down vs standing up, Ozzy every 5 minutes…

They can polish the turd with new pricing models and new seats and new concession stands. It’s still a turd.
None for me, thanks. I don’t know what it is, but it isn’t Notre Dame football.

Edited to clarify ticket quantity.


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