Lesson to be learned here:
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Always try to accommodate someone nicknamed Moose and/or assign that nickname to your kids. We seem to have gotten away from that of late.

Moose Charlap (1928–1974), Broadway composer
Walt Dropo (1923-2010), American Major League Baseball player
André Dupont (born 1949), Canadian former National Hockey League player
George Earnshaw (1900–1976), Major League Baseball pitcher
Wesley Englehorn (1890–1993), American football player and coach
Walter E. Foran (1919–1986), American politician from New Jersey
Moose Gardner (1894–1954) National Football League player
Moose Goheen (1894–1979), American Hall of Fame ice hockey player
Moose Haas (born 1956), retired American baseball player
Johan Hedberg (born 1973), Swedish National Hockey League goaltender
Frederick Heyliger (1916–2001), American soldier
Moose Johnson (1886–1963), Canadian ice hockey player
Daryl Johnston (born 1966), American former National Football League player
Moose Krause (1913–1992), American football, basketball and baseball player, track athlete, coach, and college athletics administrator
Bert Marshall (born 1943), retired ice hockey player
Moose McCormick (1881–1962), American Major League Baseball player
Christine "Moose" McGlade (born 1963), actress on the Canadian TV show You Can't Do That On Television
Mark Messier (born 1961), retired National Hockey League player
Greg Monroe (born 1990), American basketball player
Mike Moustakas (born 1988), American Major League Baseball player
Walt Moryn (1926–1996), American Major League Baseball outfielder
Muhsin Muhammad (born 1973), American football player
Mike Mussina (born 1968), New York Yankees pitcher
Jared Padalecki (born 1982), American actor
Charles Panarella (born 1925), New York mobster
Moose Peterson, wildlife photographer
Robert B. Sherman (1925–2012), American Oscar-winning songwriter
Bill Skowron (1930–2012), American Major League Baseball player
Moose Solters (1906–1975), American Major League Baseball player
Michael Thomas (musician) (born 1981), drummer of the Welsh heavy metal band Bullet for My Valentine
Wilbur Thompson (born 1921), American 1948 Olympics shot put gold medalist
Mourad Topalian (born 1943), Armenian-American political activist
Elmer Vasko (1935–1998), Canadian National Hockey League player