ACB=Always chose baseball : Moose Skowron & Notre Dame
by olson (2017-03-12 13:45:03)
Edited on 2017-03-12 14:30:58

followup to an earlier post (down the page) about how MLB HOFer Joe 'Ducky' Medwick chose baseball over a football scholarship to ND from Knute Rockne

Bill 'Moose' Skowron was a football star HB at Weber HS in Chicago. His HS football coach was Al McGuff, a former ND football player. McGuff's roommate during his undergraduate days at ND had been Moose Krause.

Skowron did not play baseball in HS, because Weber did not even have a baseball team. However Bill was a great sandlot baseball star.

Skowron acknowledged that he wanted to go to Notre Dame, but during his South Bend visit, Coach Leahy informed Bill that he'd only be allowed to play football for the Irish.

So (per the article linked below), Skowron went to the Grotto, lit a candle & decided to go to Purdue instead. Purdue allowed Skowron to play on the Boilermakers baseball squad.

Skowron's college choice disappointed both his HS coach & Moose Krause-both of whom ironically had been allowed to play both football and basketball during their ND days.

(EDIT: Notre Dame did sign the other star off the Weber team in that 1948 ND Frosh class-Chet Ostrowski - end & star kicker(Skowron was Weber's punter)

Soon after, the NY Yankees signed 'Moose' off the West Lafayette campus to play 1B

Skowron played in 7 World Series with the Yankees & another with the Dodgers