by JayInTx (2017-03-10 16:17:02)
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  In reply to: They have bigger needs than a backup/future QB at that pick  posted by HTownND

I remember reading in recent days that David Carr is the only QB the Texans have ever drafted using a top 64 pick. It's not doubt one major factor why they keep going in this circle, just like if ND kept going after 3 stars that become AA's. It may happen but the odds are stacked against the likelihood.

It's time for the team to find a guy that can be groomed to be "the guy" in the coming years. No matter which QB they get in free agency, he's at best a one or two year option so this also gives them a chance to draft a guy and not rush him under center like they did with Carr.

Granted, they could use more help at CB and will clearly need to focus on the OL in the draft, but there are many more quality OL in this draft than QB.


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