They have bigger needs than a backup/future QB at that pick
by HTownND (2017-03-10 14:59:42)
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  In reply to: My Texans need a QB  posted by JayInTx

But if they don't get Romo, the will absolutely be taking a QB there.

It's pretty fascinating stuff, but it was interesting to see how all the moves changed a bunch of mock drafts.

I think at this point, Kizer's best bet for being picked in Round 1 is the Cardinals. I'm skeptical they take a QB to sit behind Palmer, especially given the players they lost on defense in FA, but there seems to be some smoke there.

If the Texans don't get Romo, I think Kizer is a lock for round 1, because that would be 3 teams having to draft a QB in round 1 (Cleveland, the J...E...T...S, Jets, Jets, Jets, and Houston, although the Jets could always do something crazy, never put that past them, ever).

I don't think they'll aquire Romo in some fashion and draft a QB in round 1.

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