The good news is that it is prominently displayed at Library
by Moff (2017-03-07 21:46:14)
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  In reply to: I remember being concerned when they gave Gipp's  posted by ProV1x

A buddy, although a Penn State grad, made sure to send me a photo when he visited. The bad news is that there were articles in 1989 where the people who donated it to ND were pissed off and wanted it back, but it never happened. I had the same feelings as you at the time. I remember it being displayed in one of those glass cases in the ACC, back when the concourse was mostly dedicated to football. Unfortunately, I agree that the passion for Rockne is faded and it would be hard to get a rise out of anyone today. I like to remember when I first rolled up ND avenue and there were still people who knew him


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