I remember being concerned when they gave Gipp's
by ProV1x (2017-03-07 09:48:11)
Edited on 2017-03-07 09:57:12
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Monogram sweater to President Reagan, and watching him hand it off to someone in his entourage. I didn't find anything wrong with the made for publicity gesture to President Gipper but giving away an item as historically part of ND lore as Gipp's sweater didn't make sense to many of us.

Sure, Notre Dame got a few minutes of media hoopla out of honoring our President, but instead of the sweater being displayed at Notre Dame it is probably somewhere in the Ronald Reagan Library in California, or at least I hope that's where it is.

This opinion is not only that of myself but many of us oldtimers who care about things like this but understand it might not be a major concern of the rank and file ND fan today.

If I had the connections, I'd ask for the sweater back with the promise that the sweater and it's significant connection to President Reagan would receive more attention in a proper display at Notre Dame, where the real Gipper played, than it does among thousands of Reagan memorabilia items in California. Come to think of it maybe this has already been done, I don't have a clue.


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