I assume this post is tongue-in-cheek.
by IrishJosh24 (2017-03-02 20:03:35)
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  In reply to: Or they could auction it off.  posted by SWPaDem

I don't want them to sell any of the artifacts they have.* And I think it's extremely valuable for them to preserve these documents and artifacts. But why not display some of it? They could loan some of it to local museums for shows or something. (Maybe they do that. I'm not local, so I don't know. The impression I got from a recent conversation was that they never display any of the items in the Archives.) Why put so much effort into preserving it if no one ever gets to see it? They are just storing amazing things that--I have to assume--lots of Notre Dame fans would love to see. Heck, they'd probably pay just to see it!

*Okay, I suppose that isn't entirely true. I'd love to own some of the items they have. But I understand why they should keep them at least.


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