Thanks for passing those links along.
by IrishJosh24 (2017-03-02 19:57:07)
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I've spent some time poking around the Archives for pictures and documents. And I recently even talked to some folks at the Archives for the first time--trying to determine the authenticity of a Fr. Sorin signature in a book from 1885 [reproduced as part of the book apparently*] and to determine the identity of a student who sent about 25 postcards I have from 1906-07. They were extremely helpful.

But, for me at least, there is something about seeing things in person that cannot be replicated online. Seeing a document that Fr. Sorin actually held in his hands and signed himself, for example, evokes something deeper than seeing an image of a document he signed online does. I believe the Archives has some really cool artifacts that could be displayed (e.g., the wool blankets that that Clashmore Mikes wore, signed Fr. Sorin letters, old monogram sweaters, pre-Rockne football memorabilia, correspondence between Rockne and athletic apparel providers, etc.). I would love for it to be displayed in some kind of ND museum.

* I had figured it was reproduced. But I had occasion to look at it a few days ago and realized the paper was indented, which gave me some hope. Alas . . .


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