The author, much like YouTube, is missing the forest...
by IrishWarrior (2017-03-02 13:30:23)
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  In reply to: Article: YouTubeTV may cause significant CFB ripples.  posted by G.K.Chesterton

for the trees. Bundling is the issue, not subscribers. Sure a lot of current subscribers are dropping out and this may just increase those numbers. However, the reason is because of bundling. Millenials, as the article points out, some 40% do not have cable. Until these providers realize that they need to come up with something new, they aren't going to be creating any new viewers or subscribers. There is so much out there for millenials, a large portion of them get most if not all of their entertainment via the internet and it's not via bundle. Until these companies realize that consumers are finding alternatives via "pay as you go", they aren't going to be changing crap. That means that not only are cable bundles at risk, but so are networks. For the 1st time, it seems that consumers are dictating what the market provides rather than the other way around.

I read an article within the last 6 months that predicted that ESPN's licensing expenditures would be greater than their revenue by 2021. They have 4 years before they are insolvent. As long as they keep bringing out these bundles, nothing is going to change. What they need to do is start charging, online, for each game broadcast. Until they do that, they are in serious trouble.


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