That said, they did appear to reject the excise police.
by tdiddy07 (2017-02-28 14:49:00)
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And like most things they do, they prefer to do it quietly. But from conversations of someone who would be in the know, they seemed to take a stand on that.

But the Butler situation particularly upsets me because it's a huge problem throughout the country that needs a credible champion. And it's the type of situation in which it should've been easy to get public pressure on with a victim that is more sympathetic than those special interest groups have tried to paint as the face of a problem--efforts that have largely failed because they were done prematurely. The sheer implausibility of the police report given his physical state and the conflicting eyewitness accounts made a very cut and dried case that would go a long way to convince many people who generally do not believe police submit false reports like that.


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