Posting this confirms it. The world hates ND. There is no
by eriendfan (2017-01-10 14:24:57)
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  In reply to: I don't see the difference in the two plays.  posted by Tex Francisco

difference in the plays except that the Ref called it against ND and no one else gets called for it.

I did not hear Kurt going on and on about the illegality of the play last night like he did when it happened to ND. My God, the "experts" just could not talk enough about how it was the perfect example of illegal when ND did it - just like the A-hole commentating on the video you posted.

Not a word last night. Anyone from Alabama who raises the issue is called a whiner. Which is good because they called us all whiners when it happened to us. Nice to have some payback here.


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