Hiring again - an education engineer.
by LondonDomer (click here to email the poster) (2012-09-04 15:12:52)
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The company at which I work, located in sunny Boulder, Colorado, is looking for an Education Engineer. Job description below. See the link for more and to apply. Email me if you have questions:

Ever dreamed that someone would pay you to sit down with the SparkFun catalog, build really cool stuff, and document the volts out of it? We are looking to bring on an Education Engineer. Starting annual pay is $50,000. You will be a member of the Department of Education (not Engineering). You will certainly spend time with your fellow engineers but please do not look at this position as your foot in the door to join Engineering at SparkFun. While we do not offer relocation allowance, we have all the regular perks you may be used to (401k, PTO, health insurance), and quite a few you may not be used to (freedom to build cool stuff, beer, living in Boulder, and dogs in the office).

As an Education Engineer at SparkFun you will be responsible for educational content development, new product brainstorming, and product documentation. You will work with other members of our department and community to develop formal educational curriculum with Common Core Standards in mind. Additionally, you will be responsible for documentation of projects, writing tutorials for the website, and occasionally writing blog posts for our home page. You will be collaborating with various other departments at SparkFun (Engineering, MarComm, etc.) as well as our partners in the education community. As such, you will be required to maintain communication with these external sources while you usher projects through our system from conception to launch. You will also be required to travel to the various conferences, events, and workshops that we host and attend.

The ideal candidate would have a good portfolio of interesting projects with solid documentation. Innovative approaches to problem solving will get you extra points, as will being self-motivated and self-taught. Read this next bit carefully: you don't necessarily have to hold an EE degree, but you do have to possess a very solid understanding of electronics and programming. Please don't send us a multi-page resume showing us how amazing your work experience is. It may be crazy impressive but it won't get you a job here. Instead, please submit your single-page resume (PDF) detailing your education and maybe your last two jobs. Along with your resume please submit your “wow” list of projects: a couple pages, pictures are highly encouraged (max per picture: 800px width/height, 1MB), or :::bonus::: direct links to your online portfolio of projects or site/blog.

OK, here’s where things get interesting. We’re looking for a friendly engineer that breaks the mold and can seamlessly navigate between beginner and advanced audiences with patience and professionalism. Creativity and scrappy tendencies are highly encouraged, as is a keen attention to detail.

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