Nurse (my wife) looking for work in the San Diego area
by Notre_Dane (click here to email the poster) (2012-06-05 18:29:32)
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In brief, she's a nurse with her CA nursing license and a 1 year of experience in Telemetry, and previous work experience as an instructor for the Red Cross (CPR, First Aid, etc.) and is a licensed massage therapist. She particularly enjoys working with Veterans and has experience doing so. Has other industry specific credentials including her ACLS certification, CPR, etc.

Since she recently relocated from Cincinnati, she currently has a very small network to draw upon in the area, so I am trying to help her out. If anyone works for any of the hospitals in the area, or knows someone that does - please let me know. I am also in the process of reaching out to the ND Club of San Diego on her behalf. My email is included below.


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