Looking for an: Accounting Compliance Analyst (Cincinnati)
by NDAlum1995 (click here to email the poster) (2012-05-25 09:06:50)
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Title: Accounting Compliance Analyst

Date: April 27, 2012

Job Requirement: A successful candidate should possess a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and have at least 10 years’ experience working in accounting or the equivalent.

Job Purpose: Subject Matter Expert (SME) for posting of cash payment applications to the General Ledger, subsidiary systems (Artiva and Iceberg), and individual debtor accounts. Accounting point of contact (POC) is responsible for all daily processing and operation interactions between Accounting and Legal Operations. Will ensure remit compliance, audit and review of remits; serve as a liaison and SME between Accounting and IT regarding systems and remit processing.
Job Responsibilities:
• Primary person (POC) responsible for cash payment application processing including:
o Working with Legal Ops to determine root cause issues with payment processing applications in order to resolve debtor account posting issues. This includes:
 Investigating and resolving remit/ application issues, including:
 Where court costs and/ or court cost recoveries are not clearing between Legal and Accounting systems as would be expected, especially on PIF and SIF accounts.
 Follow-up on voided court cost checks to see that they are properly reversed out on both systems. Investigate differences.
 Investigate and correct misapplied payments on accounts / issues with split payments on accounts.
 Audit the Automated posting process. Determine that the payment hierarchy is applied properly and consistently.
 Review the daily posting report to detect inconsistencies and obvious errors.
 Investigate, review, and troubleshoot the new Gross Remit processing as implemented.
 Review, investigate, and correct any Management Fee impacts related to the above item.
 Issues relating to American Rule application
 Issues with Payment Master processing
 Direct pay processing issues
o Working with IT and determining programming specifications for payment program issues.
o Coordinate all testing of application changes/ deployments with Accounting and Legal Ops staff as appropriate.
Person will need to have a good understanding of Iceberg, Artiva, remit process (ARI), direct payment processing, Payment Master processing, and issues with Legal Ops attorneys.
• Manage the Great Plains (GP) process, entry, and accounting structure for processing of debtor payments and intercompany transactions.
• Other responsibilities and projects as assigned.

Skills/Qualifications: Strong Analytical and Accounting Skills, Research Skills, Analyzing Information, Attention to Detail, Deadline-Oriented, Confidentiality, Thoroughness, Corporate Finance, Financial Software, Advanced Excel Knowledge, General Math Skills, Ability to work independently with minimal guidance.


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