Play Big by Dr. Tom Hanson
by Cy49 (2017-06-29 09:18:00)
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  In reply to: Coaching question - helping a player with the yips  posted by MackerelSnappingAnarchist

Cheap little book written by Hanson. It's call Play Big. Great read for a teenager. I gave it to my son entering his freshman year and he used the tools from the book when he was at the plate and on the mound. Won the starting catcher's job as a frosh and the coach wanted all of the other players to use his approach when getting in the box. When I told the coach why h does what he does, he went out and bought 15 copies of he book and shares is each year with his players. Hanson has worked with major leaguers who have developed the "yips". He works with golfers as well.


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