Just had 3 selected in the first 7 rounds.
by chsfb75 (2017-06-13 22:39:00)
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Set a school record.

Hopefully that means the coach will be fired tomorrow.

Aoki: coldest seat in college baseball
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Hell, he can probably afford to slip a little bit next year to set himself up for a bounce back year.

Based on my relatively uninformed opinion I've thought
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that there was talent on the ND roster the last couple of years esp. pitchers. Athletic department loves to toot its own horn on things that reflect favorably on our athletic programs. Of course their releases always have a propaganda type feel to me.

I know there are a lot of rounds in the draft but the total numbers of draftees this year equaled 2 of the years (2001 and 2008) of players drafted for which Coach Mainieri was responsible. That 2001 team was very good 49-13-1 and ranked #1 for a while and in fact the 2008 team was 33-13 and entered top 25 before losing its last 8 games.

In any case I've followed ND baseball enough to form what I consider an educated opinion on the players drafted this year and thought all of these guys had legitimate Div 1 talent. With that many players (esp pitching) around which to build, it just doesn't compute that we'd be this bad (26-32 Conf. (10-20)). I watched a lot of games this season and I disagreed with a lot of Coach Aoki's decisions and don't think much of him on game days. Despite the game day decisions and even Big East vs ACC competition, there are questions that beg to be asked including why couldn't Aoki have better results and certainly better overall play with the student athletes that he had and why players seemed to have regressed over their time at ND. I know that the true answer is likely that the administration doesn't care but I'm sure the propaganda machine will spin it to read that Aoki is the second coming of Coach Maddon but just hasn't gotten the breaks he needed or that the boys just didn't execute his impeccable game plan.

Astros took Solomon and Bielak
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Solomon 4th rd and Bielak 11th round. I wonder if Biggio had any input on the draft given both his kids played here.

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