Big10 is the worst P5 conference in both Basball & Softball
by Domerduck (2017-06-06 13:29:02)
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  In reply to: SEC has 6 teams and ACC has 3 in Super Regionals  posted by ShermanOaksND

Baseball: #1.SEC (8 in, 6 move one-75%); #2 ACC (7 in, 3 move on-43%), #3PAC12 (4 in, #1 overall seed moves on-25%), #4 B12 (7 in, only 1 moves on-14%), #5 Big 10 (5 in, 0 move on-0%). As you note the Big West is certainly superior to Big 10 with their only 2 teams they got in playing each other for a guaranteed spot in the CWS. We will see how they do their and any of the other 3 lower conference teams as these tourneys are rigged for the Power 5 teams (just note what Missouri State had to do to win at Arkansas.) ACC's # 2 position is pretty solid, but the BIG12 with 70% of their teams getting in the tourney could start to compete.

Softball: #1.SEC (13 in, 8 to supers, 3 to CWS; #2 PAC12 (8 in, 5 to supers, 3 to CWS), #3 Big12 (4 in, 2 to supers, 2 to CWS), ACC (3 in, 1 to supers, 0 to CWS), Big 10 (5 in, ZERO to supers!). The ACC still has a ways to go to compete in softball, but given the SEC blueprint they certainly could improve. Given how many Big10 teams made the tourney, they will have to improve to make sure they stay ahead of them which you could only argue they did this year because FSU made the supers and Big 10 had none get to the second weekend. Of course ND has never done that in 23 times. They need to play better int he tourney (along with Louisville) to raise the ACC's profile in softball.


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