SEC has 6 teams and ACC has 3 in Super Regionals
by ShermanOaksND (2017-06-06 11:15:27)
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The only other conference with multiple teams is the Big West, with 2. The Big 12, Pac-12, Southland, Missouri Valley, and Atlantic 10 have one each. The Big Ten has the big zero.


Vanderbilt at Oregon State
Cal State-Fullerton at Cal State-Long Beach
Sam Houston State at Florida State
Mississippi State at LSU
Davidson at Texas A&M
Kentucky at Louisville
Missouri State at TCU
Wake Forest at Florida

Big10 is the worst P5 conference in both Basball & Softball
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Baseball: #1.SEC (8 in, 6 move one-75%); #2 ACC (7 in, 3 move on-43%), #3PAC12 (4 in, #1 overall seed moves on-25%), #4 B12 (7 in, only 1 moves on-14%), #5 Big 10 (5 in, 0 move on-0%). As you note the Big West is certainly superior to Big 10 with their only 2 teams they got in playing each other for a guaranteed spot in the CWS. We will see how they do their and any of the other 3 lower conference teams as these tourneys are rigged for the Power 5 teams (just note what Missouri State had to do to win at Arkansas.) ACC's # 2 position is pretty solid, but the BIG12 with 70% of their teams getting in the tourney could start to compete.

Softball: #1.SEC (13 in, 8 to supers, 3 to CWS; #2 PAC12 (8 in, 5 to supers, 3 to CWS), #3 Big12 (4 in, 2 to supers, 2 to CWS), ACC (3 in, 1 to supers, 0 to CWS), Big 10 (5 in, ZERO to supers!). The ACC still has a ways to go to compete in softball, but given the SEC blueprint they certainly could improve. Given how many Big10 teams made the tourney, they will have to improve to make sure they stay ahead of them which you could only argue they did this year because FSU made the supers and Big 10 had none get to the second weekend. Of course ND has never done that in 23 times. They need to play better int he tourney (along with Louisville) to raise the ACC's profile in softball.

It was an exciting weekend here in Lexington
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UK advanced to their first Super Regional in program history (this was only the second time they have even hosted a Regional). Davidson and Sam Houston State are also making their first Super Regional appearances.

While UK has plenty of talent, they've been perennial underachievers in the SEC. They are the only conference member never to have made it to the College World Series.

Much of the credit should go to their first-year coach, Nick Mingione. He spent his prior seven years as an assistant at Mississippi State and stocked his staff with veteran assistant coaches. Louisville used a similar approach to build their program.

Yes, the spring weather is "better" in Louisville and Lexington compared to South Bend, but still much worse than in the locations of most of their conference counterparts. Perhaps whenever Notre Dame hires their next coach, they should consider an assistant from a tradition-rich baseball program.

I've beeen following UK a little this year
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and yes their coach has great demeanor and pedigree and they have some talent....they can also offer academic awards for good students such that out of state players can go at in state rates...makes it easier to stretch 11.4 scholarships for a deeper roster. ND has no such ability and will have a hard time competing for the players who don't just want to go to ND because all things being equal...well, they aren't

every school but missouri state is SE, TX or left coast
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all states with reasonable outdoor season and where the passion to play baseball exists and where good northern kid go to play away from the cold.

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