ND has the NCAA futility record. Louisville is second worse
by Domerduck (2017-05-21 17:53:35)
Edited on 2017-05-21 17:55:44
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  In reply to: ND is 0-22? Or Cal? *  posted by mikeybates

at 0-13 as they had made thirteen straight regionals without advancing through last year, but missed it this year.

ND has made 19 straight regionals including all 16 under Deanna Gumpf. ND has won at least one game in every regional tournament in 20 of the 22 appearances. The two misses were 2013 in Lexington and 1996 in Ann Arbor. ND has got to the final 2 teams of the regionals 13 of the 22 times, despite only hosting one year (2015). Gumpf's teams have got the final two 10 of her 16 regionals.

ND is certainly one of the better softball teams in the ACC as they were one of only three teams to make the NCAA tourney this year and made it all 4 years they've been in the ACC. They also made it all but two years they were in the Big East. It's unfortunate that they are good enough to be top 25 but not top 16 which gets you a home regional. 13 of those came from two conferences this year (8 SEC & 5 PAC12) with 2 from the Big12 and FSU getting the only one from the ACC. This year the Big10 was shut out and no smaller conferences got it though Minnesota, Louisiana Lafayette, and Tulsa may have deserved the chance to host.


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