I like that we are at least playing .500 ball lately but
by cbo86 (2017-04-12 14:10:57)
Edited on 2017-04-14 13:07:08

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it's more about the players' play and in some instances health improving and somewhat sketching competition than it is the coaching.

I got a window into why I see so many of our runners thrown out at the plate when our third base coach last Friday sent a runner home who had just reached third at the same time the left fielder (playing very shallow) picked up the ball and only had to throw a weak pop up to catcher to easily nail the runner.

Get your fat A down the 3rd base line so that you have a little more time to assess the situation and change the decision to send him. That's a fundamental error to send him in the first place and another to not be properly positioned. Good head coach would either fix that or take over 3rd base coaching duties (and hopefully not make the same errors).
Frankly as a player I would just start disobeying the signs if my gut told me to do so and take the consequences if necessary. We're just not that good enough to take away runs and give the opponent another easy out especially in a 1 run game against a conference opponent.