Interesting thoughts re the current staff. I have no
by cbo86 (2017-03-13 12:48:16)
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insight into potential candidates and can only speak as an amateur player and fan (alum) as well as a huge baseball fan who has traveled to a lot of ND baseball games. I had only one interaction with coach Aoki with my son in post 2012 win and it was "cold" at best and dismissive at worst. I thought he could have least been somewhat engaged to talk with a young fan. The players (as always) on the other hand were gracious and engaging with both me and my son. I guess I can't read too much into one meeting with Coach Aoki but it did make a negative impression on me.

On the other hand I met Coach Mainieri many times and he always went out of his way to embrace the few fans that trecked to their games. It got to the point where, although he may not have recalled our names, he did remember us and always approached us to talk before or after games. As far as coaching competency and player development, the proof is in the results. I don't think our talent was ever equal to the best programs but Mainieri's teams could literally compete with any team in the country.

There has to be someone out there that can bring this program back to being the class of the north and it won't break the bank of our athletic department. There is no way that the talent on this team can be this bad. As someone who plays and coaches the game at a relatively high competitive level, my perspective is that the ND team that I have watched over the course of the last couple years cannot possibly be a competently coached and developed one.


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