by indianapolisstar (2017-03-12 13:29:23)
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  In reply to: Nice analysis. Two questions. First, why the silence from  posted by Indy77

1.) Silence because the game of baseball isn't like other sports. A lot of us "baseball" people don't like to show other baseball people up. Meaning a lot of time the game can police itself. However that being said, there always comes a time like this when a fellow player grabs another player around the neck and has to have a "conversation". (Plus I had to find a non-free email account to register that didn't use my real name)

2.) Without being a Kentucky fan, I guess I cannot 100% answer that question with any insight other than following boxscores. However the recruiting classes and performance of players once they reached the school speaks for itself. Especially in that conference.

Indicator for me is that he's continuing his winning ways even at a program like Auburn that obviously needed a fresh start.


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