New HC - Brad Bohannon
by indianapolisstar (2017-03-12 11:09:50)
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I've watched this long enough. In "long" I don't mean the past 10 games, I'm referring to the last 6 seasons. As an ex-Notre Dame player, and someone that had an opportunity to play at the next level, this staff is not taking the baseball program where it needs to go. If anything, this program has dramatically regressed in talent and development. The communication with past baseball alum has been nonexistent, and the "attitude" from this current coaching staff boarders on offensive. Light years behind Pat Murphy and Paul Mainieri in all facets.

With that being said, I present you BRAD BOHANNON.

I've been very fortunate to form a nice baseball network since my playing days, both professionally and on the college level as well. As I discuss coaching opportunities and the next big available personality in the industry, the name Bohannon keeps on surfacing. I was unfamiliar with the name, so I started to do some digging. What I found in research and talking with active baseball personnel took me back. As we all know, simply hiring an individual by record or previous pedigree doesn't always fit at our University. It's a "fit" that has a lot of different variables. Are you familiar with the midwest? Can you relate to our family values and blue collar attitude? Do you genuinely want whats best for the kids? Do you know how to win in the cold climate? Can you recruit the academic athlete? Can you keep these athletes in the midwest? Can you develop talent from a crop of young men that has some of the highest ceilings in the country? Do you have the network, contacts, and network in our backyard? I have found that Brad Bohannon does.


Brad Bohannon, the 2015 Baseball America and American Baseball Coaches Association National Assistant Coach of the Year, is an assistant coach with the Auburn baseball program. He joined the Auburn staff prior to the 2016 season.

Prior to moving to the Plains, Bohannon spent 12 seasons at the University of Kentucky from 2004-15, where he assisted in overseeing the best 11-year run in program history. He served as an assistant coach and recruiting coordinator while working with the outfielders and serving as third-base coach during his stint at Kentucky.

A native of Rome, Ga., Bohannon moved to UK before the 2004 season after two seasons at Wake Forest, serving as an assistant coach on John Cohen's staff from 2004-08 and as the recruiting coordinator/infield coordinator for Gary Henderson from 2009-15.

Bohannon helped guide the Wildcats to their first SEC Championship in program history, the first NCAA Regional held in Lexington and three record-breaking win seasons including 2012's 45-win mark, a program record.

A total of 69 Kentucky players were selected in the MLB Draft or signed as a free agent, a program best, from Bohannon’s time as UK’s recruiting coordinator. In 2012, nine of his recruits were picked in the MLB Draft, a new school record, marking the second-most in the NCAA.

One of Bohannon’s most prized recruits was former Kentucky star AJ Reed (Indiana), the 2014 Golden Spikes Award winner and consensus national player of the year. Bohannon spotted Reed as a projectable youth talent and brought him to Kentucky for a freshman All-America season in 2012. A two-way star, Reed then led the NCAA in homers and slugging percentage as a junior, also leading the Southeastern Conference in pitching wins, a first in the storied history of the league.

Bohannon welcomed the top recruiting classes in the 117-year history of the Kentucky program, as the 2008 group was ranked No. 4 in the nation by Baseball America and his 2009 class was tabbed No. 6 by Collegiate Baseball. Bohannon's Kentucky classes were annually ranked among the NCAA's best, with top groups in 2006 (No. 21), 2007 (No. 31), 2010 (No. 16), 2012 (No. 25), 2013 (No. 11), 2014 (No. 25) and 2015 (No. 14).

Bohannon had a big hand in turning around a Kentucky program that was the first SEC team ever to go from `worst-to-first' in one year, claiming the school's first SEC title in 2006. The 2006 campaign saw the Wildcats win a school-record 44 games and host the school's first NCAA Regional Tournament. The 2007 club finished with 34 wins and the 2008 club totaled 44-wins and an appearance in the Ann Arbor NCAA Regional Championship game.

I'm in.

We need someone with Head Coaching exp...
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Make O'Connor the highest paid coach in college baseball. Go after Rooney. Or if you want a great recruiter with Southern ties, go after Casey Dunn, Head Coach at Samford.

Interesting thoughts re the current staff. I have no
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insight into potential candidates and can only speak as an amateur player and fan (alum) as well as a huge baseball fan who has traveled to a lot of ND baseball games. I had only one interaction with coach Aoki with my son in post 2012 win and it was "cold" at best and dismissive at worst. I thought he could have least been somewhat engaged to talk with a young fan. The players (as always) on the other hand were gracious and engaging with both me and my son. I guess I can't read too much into one meeting with Coach Aoki but it did make a negative impression on me.

On the other hand I met Coach Mainieri many times and he always went out of his way to embrace the few fans that trecked to their games. It got to the point where, although he may not have recalled our names, he did remember us and always approached us to talk before or after games. As far as coaching competency and player development, the proof is in the results. I don't think our talent was ever equal to the best programs but Mainieri's teams could literally compete with any team in the country.

There has to be someone out there that can bring this program back to being the class of the north and it won't break the bank of our athletic department. There is no way that the talent on this team can be this bad. As someone who plays and coaches the game at a relatively high competitive level, my perspective is that the ND team that I have watched over the course of the last couple years cannot possibly be a competently coached and developed one.

Thanks for the thoughts.
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As Sherman mentioned below, I hope you and your fellow baseball alumni will make your voices heard by the powers to be. You are in a unique position to make positive changes happen.

Nice analysis. Two questions. First, why the silence from
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Baseball alums and even your teammates?

Second, while you cite Bohannon's successes at UK, how did UK perform after his departure? I'm looking for a way to isolate the teams's performance post Bohannon. Was it because of him, or the head coach and other assistants while he was there.

$awbuck should be notified since, as many have indicated on this site, because he doesn't have clue.

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1.) Silence because the game of baseball isn't like other sports. A lot of us "baseball" people don't like to show other baseball people up. Meaning a lot of time the game can police itself. However that being said, there always comes a time like this when a fellow player grabs another player around the neck and has to have a "conversation". (Plus I had to find a non-free email account to register that didn't use my real name)

2.) Without being a Kentucky fan, I guess I cannot 100% answer that question with any insight other than following boxscores. However the recruiting classes and performance of players once they reached the school speaks for itself. Especially in that conference.

Indicator for me is that he's continuing his winning ways even at a program like Auburn that obviously needed a fresh start.

Hold on thar, Baba Looey
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I had to find a non-free email account to register that didn't use my real name

Falsifying registration info is not permitted here.

We don't force people to post under their names, but we do expect them to provide actual contact information if they want to post here. Believe me, we've kept bigger secrets than the names of baseball alums posting on our boards.

You need to rectify this pronto.

it's real*
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Thanks and I hope you are able to
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Garner support from your fellow baseball alumni.

Thanks---voices like yours need to be heard
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Whether on public internet forums or directly (and perhaps confidentially) to the Athletic Department, or both The evidence is there for all to see. If only the AD were willing to make a change, whether or not tantamount to an admission that he made a bad hiring decision in the first place.

last thing on development...
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For the general fan, ever find it odd that ending every summer season for the past 6 years that Notre Dame always has a plethora of top prospects ranked throughout the leagues? Ie. Cape Cod, Northwoods, NECBL, Prospect, Great Lakes.

Then these very same athletes return to South Bend and perform below their talent levels. So the players that leave these summer leagues playing against the best talent in the country and are ranked by Baseball America, Perfect Game, D1 Baseball, as potential day 1 draft picks, return to Notre Dame and play terribly. Why? The talent and tools don't just mysteriously disappear! Either they're not being challenged or this staff doesn't have the talent and experience to develop these young men.

Can we help these pitchers with command and implementing new approaches on the mound? Can we have a hitting coach behind the cage during bp help these young men with their swings and approach? Or are we just filling out a lineup card? Or simply passing the buck by hiring a "mental coach" to shout out ridiculous scoring methods and point systems during weekly practices for cheering, running to 1B, ground balls to the right side, and yelling "back" when the pitcher picks to first base. Save those rookie level tactics for the juco's of the world.

You show me Eric Jagielo (who was already good and drafted as a HS player), and I'll show you multiple nationally ranked players who arrived on campus over the past 6 years and became nonexistent.

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