Let me see if I can find a pony in this pile of horse shit.
by hibernianangst (2017-03-05 18:26:39)
Edited on 2017-03-06 15:35:15
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My theory, is that our esteemed Stanford Law Athletic Director gave Aoki this year because of the clusterfuck season Aoki was given when the team was required to play in Gary.

If you recall our esteemed Stanford Law Athletic Director thought it was wise to put in fake turf during the baseball season instead of the fall or summer before the baseball season. Playing in Gary was a disaster. I attended one game. They were playing someone named Northeastern. Of course the Irish got beat in front of roughly 12 fans counting Bob Nagle who did announcing honors. The only saving grace was that the Gary baseball stadium sold beer of which I drank copious amounts to stomach the piss poor baseball. So, my theory is that having put Aoki thru a season at Gary our esteemed Athletic Director felt he owed Aoki one more year. This year is that awarded year and next year ND will have a new coach and staff.

Anyway, that is my theory. I hope when I find that pony, it is an Appaloosa and saddle broke.


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