Corey Mee
by BIGGS (2017-02-27 19:06:50)
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That is your next coach. Go back to the basics. Get a Murph disciple.

The baseball program has been in trouble since Mainieri left. It is an embarrassment now. The players are too coddled. Do you think Murph's teams in the late 80s had better players? Nope. They were just tough mother fuckers. He didn't start to sign real talent until the early 90s. I want someone in the HC position who can take the talent we have and extract the most from them. Clearly it isn't the current coach.

C Mee comes from the right coaching tree. If not him, then whom?

Man am I mad. Murph and then Maineiri put this program on the map. Now it is back to where it was before then arrived. But our field looks pristine! What a bunch of bullshit. I would rather have the games at the old Kline field. That was a blast. Random students would shuffle in for a couple innings and then go to class or an activity. Now, the field is out of sight and out of mind.

And yes, I know a lot of what I am saying. I have lived it at ND.


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