metro5domer...I can answer your question now.
by Hickster (2013-05-03 22:48:09)
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You were kind enough to write regarding your next door neighbor...the Hickeys. I believe the couple you were talking about was Marvin Hickey and his wife. He was my grandfather's brother.

Marvin Hickey worked with my grandfather in the construction business. My grandfather's (Tom Hickey) construction company did the initial renovation of the Sacred Heart Church (now Basilica), Marvin was able to take the wood from the original benches in the church. He took the wood and cut it into pieces to make crucifixes.

My great-great grandfather, Louis Hickey worked on the original church. Louis came down from Montreal with Fr. Sorin and worked on the original Notre Dame buildings.

I was visiting my mom on her 91st birthday and my oldest brother (John, Jr. '69) found one of the crucifixes that Marvin made. My brother and I ('75 Class) gave the crucifix to my middle brother (Kevin '73) who is now a year away from being ordained a priest (a delayed vocation). My brother will be ordained on my father's birthday...I wish he would have been there to see it. My dad (John '44) actually enrolled in Moreau Seminary for 1 month before dropping out and attending ND (thank goodness).

Those crucifixes are cherished by the family...and we thought it would be appropriate for my brother to have it as a keep-sake. So Marvin must have been very fond of you and your housemates. Marvin was a caring man who also used to enjoy a good party in his day...and I suspect that he enjoyed seeing you guys enjoying yourselves.

Also, on another note. My dad attended Knute Rockne's funeral and he had the Rockne prayer card in his wallet that he carried with him since 1931. Also in my dad's wallet was a 1927 "Secret Practice" Pass that Coach Rockne gave to my grandfather so he could watch practices in the fall.

Metro5domer, thanks again for your kind words.


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