My opinion...
by KLav18 (2013-02-28 12:33:15)
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  In reply to: Help the uninformed: what's BBCOR?  posted by G.K.Chesterton

It has definitely brought the game back to earth. College Baseball, HS Baseball, and any Youth Level Baseball that uses BBCOR is consistent with MLB and the baseball that most of us played when we were kids.

We kicked a teams ass on Saturday 6-1. It felt like an ass kicking. If we had played that same team with the bats we used in 2010, we would have won 12-2.
But 6-1 felt like an ass kicking.
Pitchers are rewarded for throwing good pitches now, and that's the biggest benefit. My son never wanted to pitch (he's a freshman now in HS) but even if he had wanted to pitch, I would have tried my best to persuade him not to...unless he was really really really good at it. Before BBCOR, the average, crafty pitcher would get lit up...almost by chance. That doesn't happen anymore.
I personally think that any level below HS should be using the BESR bats from 2011.


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