ND 1st baseman & '43 Kaneley Award winner passes away at 90
by Hickster (2013-02-26 21:02:12)
Edited on 2013-02-27 08:29:35

You will find a linked article of the '43 Byron V. Kanaley Award winner and ND 1st baseman who passed away this past Sunday night.

I believe that John Hickey was the 2nd ND baseball player to win the Byron V. Kaneley Award in 1943...Kaneley was a baseball player and the award was first presented in 1927.

In addition to the information in the article, he also played baseball for one of the military teams stationed on Hawaii during WWII. His team had multiple professional baseball players serving in the miltary in Hawaii during WWII. He was the only officer on the team that won the Island Military Championship with a 19-1 record.

After WWII he returned to ND to complete his studies. One of his most cherished memories was his taking Father Ted Hesburgh's theology class when he returned to ND after WWII.

While in South Bend he stayed active in sports and had the chance to face Satchell Page in a summer semi-pro league game. He did not get a hit, but he was able to get some wood on the ball.

He cherished his memories at ND, and was a constant visitor to the Grotto. He used to go to the Grotto before his exams...and I wish I spent more time at the Grotto and was able to get similar results. He graduated #2 in his entire university class...and the individual who graduated #1 in his class was also in the School of Commerce.

In addition to the information in the linked article, below is enclosed a link to a picture of him with Frank Leahy at Pearl Harbor during WWII.

In later years he stayed active in tennis and his partner for 35 years was not only a Nobel Laureate but also a Laetare Medal recepient...a Holy Cross man that was a natural Domer.

I still remember that ND baseball won the BE Tournament Championship in Bridgewater, NJ on May 24, 2002...his birthday and he got a big kick out of listening to the presentation of the award on my cell phone.

Thanks for being there for us Dad! You have always been #1 in class as far as I am concerned! God bless and as he would say, "Go Irish!"

ND - Pearl Harbor Picture:

May his soul rest in peace. Thank you for sharing. *
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Former neighbor of the Hickeys
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I hardly ever go to the baseball thread but for some reason I did tonight. I saw your post about your father and I was moved to write. I have lurked on this board for the better part of ten years but have never posted. I never thought I could add much to the conversation but always enjoy the heck out of reading everybody’s thoughts.

When I was a senior at Notre Dame, I lived off campus at 1034 Eddy Street. The house no longer exists but the memories do. Our neighbors were a wonderful elderly couple – Mr. and Mrs. Hickey. We weren’t the quietest neighbors and they put up with quite a bit but they never objected to our shenanigans. The neighborhood wasn’t the safest and they would watch the house for us when we were gone on breaks. They would occasionally ask how things we going with our school life and would tell us stories about the old days of Notre Dame.

On the occasion of my graduation, they gave each of my roommates and me a wooden crucifix made from wood around Notre Dame and from Sacred Heart Church. They also gave each of our parents a small rosary made from St. Joseph corn. These items are proudly displayed in my “Notre Dame” room at home. They remind me of the specialness of Notre Dame and our neighbors my senior year.

Reading the story of your dad makes me think they might be relatives of yours. Could they have been your grandparents?

In any event, your father sounds like a man of great faith and works. You are justified to be so proud. I pray for the repose of his soul and speedy path to heaven where hopefully we can all meet someday.

Thanks for the respone...I have not read this thread in
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a while.

I am not sure which Hickey's they were, but I do not believe they were an uncle or aunt. One of my uncles was right off of Angela Blvd, next to the gold course. My grandfather was on East St. Vincent St. and he passed away in 1966.

I know most of my South Bend relatives knew how to enjoy a good "Irish" party. So I would think that they were related.

My Great-Great grandfather (Louis Hickey) actually helped build the original campus during the Sorin years. He also helped build the Basilica and I would suspect that these Hickeys that you mention are part of the family tree. My older brother might know if these are part of the clan.

Thanks for your comments and your prayers.

A Champion
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Never a greater Notre Dame Man.

When words just don't seem adequate. Thanks, Hickster. *
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