Does "having Netflix"include the stock?
by Queensman (2017-07-17 18:58:29)
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  In reply to: If one has Netflix, one watches too much television  posted by ACross

Probably the worst non-buy of my life. Exactly one year ago, I had an alert set up on my trading app to send me a text if Netflix dropped below $85. I did and sent me a message while I was sitting on the beach in North Carolina. I immediately went on my app and attempted to execute a buy. The reception was too spotty and wouldn't go through. I thought "no worries", I'll buy as soon as I get back to the beach house. I completely forgot about it once I got to the house and the rest of vacation.

Turns out that was a temporary dip. And as it blows past $175 today in post market trading, I go and kick myself in the ass one more time.


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