This is why I let my wife handle this stuff
by pmcdnd96 (2017-07-17 14:37:10)
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  In reply to: Allergies in dog -- not happy with vet's strategy  posted by LondonDomer

I have no idea how much my dog's vet visits cost; I don't want to know. He has had a nose job - he's a pug; we widened his nostrils on the advice of the vet to see if it would help his breathing. Thankfully, it worked so we didn't have to reconstruct his entire nasal passage. He has had a bone on his front surgically altered because his elbow joint wasn't lining up correctly. He has spent the night in a doggie emergency room after eating something (we think a mushroom or cigarette butt based on how he seemed like he was on acid after eating it) at about 6 months.

There is no way I would ever give the OK to feed my dog food that cost $5 a day. Which is why I will never ask and my wife will never tell.


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