That dispute with U. of CA over the Alzheimer's research
by tahoedweller (2017-07-17 13:18:45)
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  In reply to: Anyone else see this article re: USC's med school dean?  posted by InspectorClouseau

will also get interesting. Puliafito's next deposition will be a donnybrook. If USC is smart, it files for a protective order on those topics. But if I'm the judge, I let them have at it. Whether drug use is relevant to credibility can be hashed out later. Regardless, I'd love to be a fly on the wall the next time the UC system's lawyers get him under oath.

I know that it's easy to laugh up our sleeves when it comes to USC, but in my mind there is just something about the culture that makes me question the place and the people. I've just seen too many grads of that place doing morally and ethically questionable things. One shouldn't paint with such a broad brush, and I'm sure there are fine upstanding people associated with that place, but the second I hear "USC" in someone's background, I'm on guard.


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